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Saint Mary’s University

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The first living wall in Canada’s East Coast was installed in September 2009 at Saint Mary’s University in Eastern Canada.

There’s 1,100 plants in the three-story living wall. It’s the largest living wall in Eastern Canada and it actively cleans the air of the building. According to Dr. Alan Darlington, President of Nedlaw Living Walls, “The living wall at Saint Mary’s represents the matching of science, engineering and art. It is a functional centre piece for the building that not only looks great but is fully integrated into the building’s air handling system.” The Atrium, currently under construction to Silver LEED® certification standards, is not yet open to students and the public.

Grennwall in Copenhagen

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Peter Lund Christensen from Ramboll helped to build a Grenn Wall in Copenhagen. The European Environmental Agency (EEA) commissioned the project and Johanna Rossbach had the idea for the façade. The entire greenwall is a massive map of Europe.
Green Fortune is a Swedish based company that made the green wall system (felt pockets and water pipes etc.) Green Fortune usually makes indoor systems, but adapted to fit the needs of this outdoor wall. Over 5000 plants were planted from May 19 to May 21 2010 and the result is stunning.

Gardener Lars Birck from KU.LIFE (University of Copenhagen, faculty of life sciences) carefully picked the plants that would grow best on greenwall. Professor Johannes Kollmann delivered the biodiversity map of Europe they interpreted with the 22 different species of plants. KULIFE has a fantastic botanical garden that you may want to see: Peter, who designed the steel facade, explains a bit about the design and process:

One of the challenges, initially, was that the façade wasn’t allowed to touch the ground, so we chose to hang it onto the wall, this is a gross section of the steel columns at the place where vertical load is transferred to the building:
The system is made of 6 columns where 36 steel frames span between. The bottom flange in each of the frames is made of U shaped steel beam, the profiles are angled so they also functions as gutters, there is placed down pipes at all the columns leading the water to the bottom of the facade. At the bottom level the water is collected in a stainless steel gutter and let to the sewage drain.

Due to work environental regulations there has to be a certain amount of daylight in the offices so they put up these half perforated banners (like the ones used for advertisement banners) and got the photos of the plant in the specific “biodiversity zone” printed on them, so that it would let the map of Europe be more pronounced to the spectators. All in all, the project looks fantastic.

samedi 1 janvier 2011


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VG.TAL3DESIGN dans Côté Jardin sur FR3

Interview de PlantDesign

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PlantDesign, le spécialiste des murs végétaux | Reportage sur la RTBF, dans le cadre de l'émission "Jardins et loisirs" from PlantDesign on Vimeo.

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